eight days in Rome spent exploring the Eternal City’s extraordinary layerings of ancient, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and modern cultures – with plenty of time along the way to savor the dolce vita.

Imagine being picked up at the airport and arriving hassle-free at your lovely hotel with rooms set around a courtyard in Trastevere, one of Rome’s most characteristic neighborhoods. After a buffet breakfast under an orange tree, you head out to meet an ancient art expert who will tell you about Rome’s illustrious days as “caput mundi” while guiding you around the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Pantheon. You have a light lunch on a panoramic terrace and spend the afternoon with your guide in the Capitoline Museums admiring Greek and Roman sculpture and celebrated paintings. On your way back to Trastevere, you go over one of the ancient bridges crossing the Tiber river and pause to indulge in a gelato on the Tiber island.

That evening, you join a crowd of soccer fans in a pizzeria who simultaneously eat, talk and gesticulate as they watch the Roma soccer team on one of the restaurant’s strategically placed television sets. (If you’re a real aficionado, we can also arrange tickets for a match.) After dinner, you enjoy a Baroque music concert in a beautifully frescoed church. The next morning, you navigate the public bus system like a pro thanks to Italy by Design’s bus map and enter a cafe where you down the best cappuccino in town while standing at the counter like a real Roman. You then hop on board a boat that will coast down the Tiber river to Ostia Antica, the port of ancient Rome. After visiting the ruins with an archeologist, you lunch at a beachside fish restaurant and return to Rome by private car or pubic transport. That evening, you dine on classic Roman dishes such as pasta all’amatriciana and fried artichokes in the remains of an ancient Roman theater.

And that’s just the beginning…