Italians know how to have a good time.eventi

Celebrations honoring religion, music, tradition, athletics, and even foods such as artichokes, prosciutto, truffles, and grapes take place all over Italy in every season. We can arrange for you to attend a Roma soccer game, a jousting match in 15th-century costumes in Ascoli-Piceno, or the Palio horse race in the center of Siena. If you wish, we can get you tickets to Aida in Verona’s ancient arena, or to Il Trovatore in the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples. Jazz aficionados may wish to make the Umbria jazz festival the focus of their trip; art enthusiasts may choose to make the Biennale in Venice theirs. Italy by Design can provide you with information on celebrations both big and small, from the Carnival in Venice to the infiorata in Genzano, a religious procession featuring flower-carpeted streets. Italy by Design will make sure that you don’t miss out on the fun.